We are your one-stop shop for all
your marine furniture needs. Our unique line of yacht & boat furniture includes: marine sofas, barrel/club chairs, bar stools, deck chairs and you think of the design & we will build it. Our furnitures are built to accomodate our customers' needs & specifications. Here at South Florida Custom Furniture Design Inc, our talented staff provides customers' with quality merchandise & professional service

Other Yacht Interior Services Include:
* Upholstery/Re-upholstery
* Custom-Designed Bedding
* Wall Paneling
* Headliners
* Lighting
* Throw Pillows
* Cushions
* Window Treatments
* Countertops
* Granite
* Corian
* Accessories
* Blinds
* Lambrequins
* Flooring
* Carpentry
* Creative Storage Solutions
   with Cabinetry & Built-ins
* Interior Lighting

South Florida Custom Marine Furniture Designs Inc., caters to those with hard-to-meet deadlines without neglecting the quality of our merchandise. Call us for a free consultation, to put our outstanding team of designers and craftsmen to work on your projects.

We look forward to hearing from you - 954-357-0549....

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